Nanotechnology Foods – Beware:

Have you heard of nanotechnology yet? If not, you will soon…and BEWARE! Nanotechnology is a technology that will allow scientists in laboratories (always the first clue that something is not as Mother Nature intended) to deliver things like drugs, nutrients or chemicals in highly targeted ways. I.e. directly into your cells…at the molecular level! In […]

Study The Use Of Nanoparticles In Food

Some foods sold in supermarkets across America contain tiny, engineered particles called nanomaterials. Our organization decided to test doughnuts after learning that the titanium dioxide used as a coloring in the powdered sugar coating likely contained nano-sized particles. The tests, conducted by an independent laboratory, found that both Dunkin’ Donuts Powdered Cake Donuts and Hostess […]

GREENS FIRST PRO PRODUCTS – Only Available Through Healthcare Providers

The Greens First PRO Products [Greens First PRO Original, Greens First PRO Berry, Greens First PRO Capsules & pH Alkalizer PM PRO] are the Professional-Grade Formulas with 54 different superfoods for Practitioners who are looking for pure, whole food formulations. These professional products were created to help to support and alkalize the body’s pH balance, […]

Vegan Cowboy Stew

Just in time for Memorial Day BBQ’s I announce my world famous (ok family famous) Vegan Cowboy Stew! Chunks of sautéed veggies and seitan meats simmering in a homemade barbecue sauce – oh my goodness just the thought of it makes me want to buy a ranch, heard some cattle and cook this stew under […]

Blissful All Purpose Vinaigrette

This is one of my favorite dressings/marinades/sauces/dips of all time (hence the “All Purpose” in the name). It is tangy, sweet, and rich but light in calories and easy to make! What a happy little dressing. I use this as salad dressing, but it’s also perfect for tossing pasta salad, marinating portobellos and other veggies […]

Thai Lentil Soup

I love soups – the ease of a one pot meal, the co-mingled flavors that get better after a day or so, and all the super healthy ingredients all simmering together- it’s peace in a pot! The lentils give this soup a healthy dose of vegetarian protein, and the butternut add a serving of dietary […]

Nostalgic Spicy Baked Apples

It happens every year. Almost to the date. Spring rolls around, and I look forward to the farmer’s markets starting up, ripe locally grown watermelons, lap swimming at the city pool overseen by the local high school lifeguards and Greens First Berry popsicles stashed in every corner of the freezer. But then I have a […]

Spring Is Here Pasta Toss!

This is a fresh and bright vegan pasta dish that is perfect for those beautiful spring evenings. The zing of the fresh lemon or lime juice omits the need for a heavy sauce filled with unwanted calories! Remember to buy as many Organic and local products as possible, to guarantee you and your family are eating […]

Savory Portobello Mushroom Bake

I almost did not want to share this recipe with the world, it is that good…I wanted to keep it a “secret” and serve it at dinner parties with a wink, stating it is a sealed family herloom. But the more I thought about it, I decided that I would rather share the mouthwatering deliciousness […]

Snap Pea Minestrone Soup

John and I made this soup a couple of nights ago and can not stop raving about it’s health benefits as well as its incredibly simple, yet gourmet flavor! We took the recipie from Sunset Magazine’s February issue, but made it extra nutritious by omitting the ham, chicken broth and butter and adding kale, mushrooms, […]