8 Tips For Maintaining a Nutrient – Rich Diet Despite a Busy Lifestyle

With today’s busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to balance your health and nutrition with the rest of your day. Whether you’re commuting, working, or taking care of the family, it can be tough to always eat nutritious foods. In addition, cooking takes up valuable time and energy, and the cheapest prepared foods tend to […]

Understanding The Biochemical Link To Inflammation

You’re probably familiar with the concept of inflammation. After all, you see it any time you’re injured, or even just from a simple mosquito bite. But not all inflammation is as readily visible as a swollen ankle or a raised bump from a bug bite. In fact, there can be significant inflammation going on in […]

Why Probiotic Delivery Matters

We no longer need to debate the value of probiotics — everyone knows how important they are for optimal health. Today they are everywhere, but here’s the thing: the vast majority of commercially available probiotics cannot do the job you would like them to do because of our own biomechanics — that is, how our […]

Environmental Factors Causing Weight Gain? Obesogens May Be the Culprit

If you’ve gained weight recently, you’re not alone. While being up a few pounds doesn’t make you obese, obesity affects some 35% of adults in the United States, and 17% of children. Traditional thinking has always focused on diet and exercise—both important things, of course—but it turns out there might also be an environmental factor. […]

Nanotechnology Foods – Beware:

Have you heard of nanotechnology yet? If not, you will soon…and BEWARE! Nanotechnology is a technology that will allow scientists in laboratories (always the first clue that something is not as Mother Nature intended) to deliver things like drugs, nutrients or chemicals in highly targeted ways. I.e. directly into your cells…at the molecular level! In […]

Study The Use Of Nanoparticles In Food

Some foods sold in supermarkets across America contain tiny, engineered particles called nanomaterials. Our organization decided to test doughnuts after learning that the titanium dioxide used as a coloring in the powdered sugar coating likely contained nano-sized particles. The tests, conducted by an independent laboratory, found that both Dunkin’ Donuts Powdered Cake Donuts and Hostess […]

GREENS FIRST PRO PRODUCTS – Only Available Through Healthcare Providers

The Greens First PRO Products [Greens First PRO Original, Greens First PRO Berry, Greens First PRO Capsules & pH Alkalizer PM PRO] are the Professional-Grade Formulas with 54 different superfoods for Practitioners who are looking for pure, whole food formulations. These professional products were created to help to support and alkalize the body’s pH balance, […]

Vegan Cowboy Stew

Just in time for Memorial Day BBQ’s I announce my world famous (ok family famous) Vegan Cowboy Stew! Chunks of sautéed veggies and seitan meats simmering in a homemade barbecue sauce – oh my goodness just the thought of it makes me want to buy a ranch, heard some cattle and cook this stew under […]

Blissful All Purpose Vinaigrette

This is one of my favorite dressings/marinades/sauces/dips of all time (hence the “All Purpose” in the name). It is tangy, sweet, and rich but light in calories and easy to make! What a happy little dressing. I use this as salad dressing, but it’s also perfect for tossing pasta salad, marinating portobellos and other veggies […]