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After a High-Fat Meal
For best efficiency, take 3 capsules 15-45 minutes after each meal. It can help limit the caloric and cardiovascular consequences of a higher fat diet.*

Fat Blocker

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30 servings

  • Promotes Fat Excretion*
  • Organic, Vegan Ingredients
  • Supports Weight Loss*
  • May Support Cardiovascular Health*

Fat Blocker is a natural way to reduce the negative consequences of a high-fat diet. The fiber in the capsule attaches to some of the fat in your meal and prevents it from being digested normally, reducing the effect that dietary fat has on cholesterol as well as its caloric impact. When taken before a meal, it effectively reduces the amount of fat that is digested and absorbed. Fat Blocker may also reduce the absorption of sugar into the blood stream, lower cholesterol, and help to inhibit fat storage by forcing your body to burn off excess sugar calories instead of storing them as fat.*

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It’s What’s Inside That Counts
Natural and Premium Quality

Fat Blocker contains organic NeOpuntia®, a patented powder of Opuntia Ficus Indica (Prickly Pear) leaves that help limit fat digestion.*

There’s nothing else inside the vegan capsule, just powdered prickly pear leaves, delivering an efficient supplement with no filler ingredients.

Fat Blocker is organic, Non-GMO, allergen-free, and vegan, so it’s gentle on your body while still being effective.*

A Fiber That Interacts With Fat*
Fat Blocker contains a patented complex of soluble and insoluble dietary fibers called NeOpuntia®. Studies have demonstrated that the physical interaction between NeOpuntia® and fat helps to reduce fat absorption during digestion. They showed 28% of ingested fat bound to NeOpuntia to be excreted rather than digested.*

Promotes Healthy Blood Lipid Levels*
A published clinical study showed that NeOpuntia® had positive effects on balancing blood lipid levels. Paired with a well-balanced diet, 1.6 g of NeOpuntia® per meal helps to decrease LDL cholesterol levels, increase HDL cholesterol levels, and reduce triglyceride levels. That adds up to improved cardiovascular health and lower disease risk.*

Reduces Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors*
By reducing the amount of fat that gets digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, Fat Blocker helps balance blood lipid levels, a key indicator for cardiovascular disease and other obesity-related metabolic disease like diabetes. Due to being a fiber, it also helps improve digestion and keep you feeling full, both of which help reduce body weight, reducing disease risk even further.*

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