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Part of Your Daily Routine
Take 1 veggie capsule twice a day. It helps promote your body’s usage of it’s natural energy stores (fat cells) to provide long-lasting & consistent energy.*

Natural Energy

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60 servings

  • Energy & Adrenal Support*
  • Vegan Ingredients
  • Supports Weight Loss*
  • Prioritizes Body Fat For Energy*

Natural Energy utilizes natural, plant-based ingredients to promote healthy hormonal balance and help the body prioritize the utilization of body fat for energy. By stimulating AMPK levels, it may help regulate the body’s thermogenic response to food, increasing the body’s metabolic rate and speeding up the fat burning process. Increasing AMPK activity has also been proven to help the body prioritize the metabolization of fat in the mitochondria for use as cellular energy. It also cuts the connections that bind fat cells, releasing energy from stored triglycerides and burning fat instead of lean muscle mass.*

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It’s What’s Inside That Counts
Natural and Premium Quality

Forskolin may support increased activation of AMPK, an important enzyme that is effective at cranking up our metabolism and burning fat for energy.*

CoQ10 is more than just an anti-aging antioxidant, it also supports the conversion of fat into usable energy in the mitochondria. Plus, PrimaVie® improves CoQ10’s bioavailability to make it even more effective.*

All natural, pharmaceutical grade and therapeutically dosed, Natural Energy is a vegan-friendly solution that improves the body’s ability to create its own energy from fat.*

Use Fat As Fuel*
Natural Energy contains multiple ingredients that promote the usage of fat as an energy source. Forskolin may promote cellular AMPK, an important enzyme that, when activated, helps free fatty acids from the body’s cells, allowing them to be burned as fuel without affecting lean muscle mass. L-Acetyl-Carnitine also helps the body use fat as energy, while CoQ10 supports improved mitochondrial function, meaning it improves the mitochondria’s ability to convert that fat into usable energy.*

Boost Energy At The Cellular Level*
Rather than relying on stimulants that can leave you jittery and inevitably end in a crash, Natural Energy improves your body’s ability to create and utilize energy on a cellular level by boosting mitochondrial function. That means you’ll be able to enjoy consistent, long-lasting energy without the undesirable side effects of a typical stimulant.*

Balanced Hormones & Reduced Inflammation*
DHEA supports healthy adrenal glands and hormone function, while also modulating inflammation. Inflammation is a major factor in many diseases, metabolic or otherwise. Plus, by activating stored body fat for use as fuel, Natural Energy can lead to weight loss, which in turn reduces inflammation and risk of metabolic disease.*

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I’m gluten intolerant and nearly through my first container of greens first! Thank you!


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