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Take Three Softgels Daily
Take 3 softgels per day to support a healthy immune system. Greens First Ahiflower Oil is a Vegan Omega-3 solution fortified with SDA and GLA fatty acids to support brain, joint & heart health, reduced inflammation and overall wellness.*

Greens First PRO Ahiflower Oil Vegan Omega-3

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30 servings

  • Support Brain, Joint & Heart Health*
  • Rich in SDA and GLA*
  • Vegan Omega-3 Oil*
  • Pure, Sustainable & Plant-Based*

Ahiflower Oil Vegan Omega-3 is a truly unrivaled, plant-based, multi-omega source that supports cognitive, joint & cardiovascular health, hormonal balance, a healthy inflammatory response, and radiant skin & hair. Ahiflower Oil contains more omegas and healthier omegas than any other natural plant or seed oil source. Ahiflower Oil contains the optimal balance of omega fatty acids, delivering the health benefits associated with fish oil, evening primrose oil, and flax seed oil. Ahiflower Oil is also the most sustainable source of omega fatty acids, and is grown utilizing environmentally-beneficial regenerative farming practices.*

$39.99 or $35.99 / month

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It’s What’s Inside That Counts
Natural and Premium Quality

Since SDA and GLA both bypass a time-consuming step involving a liver enzyme, our bodies metabolize them far more efficiently than other plant-derived omegas such as Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), making Ahiflower Oil a far more efficient omega-3+6+9 solution.*

Unlike other plant and marine sources, Ahiflower Oil contains the highest level of Omega-3 SDA and an essential & therapeutically beneficial Omega-6, GLA. One human clinical trial proved that Ahiflower Oil is up to 4X more effective than flaxseed, and another showed that Ahiflower Oil boosted levels of ETA — a desirable metabolite that supports a healthy inflammatory response.*

To grow this omega super-plant, Ahiflower farmers use regenerative agricultural practices which means that they put more back into the earth than what they take out. Elements of regenerative farming include enriching the soil, improving the water cycle, and increasing biodiversity.*

Help Reduce Inflammation In The Body*
Increasing your omega-3 fatty acid intake can help to offset the high levels of inflammatory omega-6 fats associated with modern diets. The omegas in Ahiflower Oil can help reduce inflammation, soreness, and pain caused by an overactive immune response or intense exercise. These same anti-inflammatory characteristics may also help protect against autoimmune conditions and age-related chronic diseases like heart disease.*

Support Cognitive, Joint & Cardiovascular Health*
Studies have shown that people who take omega-3s on a daily basis are less likely to be depressed and that many who experience depression or anxiety notice a reduction in their symptoms when they take omega-3 supplements regularly. They also play an important role in brain health & development. Omega-3s may also improve risk factors for heart disease, reducing triglycerides & blood pressure while balancing cholesterol and the body’s inflammatory response. This anti-inflammatory effect also means less joint and muscle pain, whether caused by illness or exertion.*

Environmentally Sustainable*
Ahiflower Oil is the most sustainable source of omega fatty acids; using environmentally-beneficial regenerative farming practices, each acre grown can produce as much omega rich oil as about 320,000 anchovies to support human, field, and ocean health! Enriching the soil, optimizing the water cycle, and enhancing biodiversity are all aspects of regenerative farming that help improve its environmental impact and actually benefit the land where it’s grown rather than depleting it.*

What they say about us…


“My chiropractor introduced me to Greens First. I am not always good about getting all my veggies daily diet and drinking Greens helps to replace what my diet may be lacking. I have tried a few other green drinks, but none taste as good as Greens First!”

Kathy Uffelman