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Patients self-administer a finger-stick blood test to measure the level of Omega-3 fatty acids in the body. Results are emailed to the healthcare provider in approximately 7 days. A deficiency in Omega-3 fatty acids indicates the presence of chronic inflammation.

EndFlame Cell Inflammation Blood Test

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  • Measure & Treat Chronic Inflammation
  • Diagnose an Omega-3 Deficiency
  • Finger-Stick Blood Test
  • Results in Approximately 7 Days

EndFlame allows you to measure chronic inflammation and subsequently treat it. This Greens First finger-stick blood test is a “fee for service” tool that can tell you for certain whether you have an Omega-3 deficiency, a condition that indicates the presence of chronic inflammation. You collect your own sample at home and send it to the lab using the pre-paid mailer. Your healthcare practitioner will receive a comprehensive blood report through email after about 7 days. It includes the Omega-3 test results as well as specific recommendations for how to improve the score. You can schedule a follow-up appointment with your healthcare practitioner to discuss the results and the next steps to take to improve them. This is one of the most essential cell health biomarkers. Chronic inflammation has been linked to chronic muscle and joint pain, early aging, dementia and memory loss, chronic neck and back pain, weight gain, and even ADHD. EndFlame assists healthcare providers in determining the severity of chronic inflammation so that it can more easily be managed.

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