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Part of Your Daily Routine
Take 1 capsule up to 3 times daily, and not within 2 hours of bedtime. When taking a dose, remember that Greens First Green Tea capsules are powerful; each capsule is equivalent to drinking 3 cups of green tea. While that’s fantastic for getting a concentrated dose of desirable health benefits, it also means that it’s best to consume this invigorating formula earlier in the day rather than close to bedtime (3 cups of green tea is roughly equivalent to the amount of caffeine in one cup of coffee).*

Green Tea Enhanced with Moringa

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30 servings

  • Multiple Powerful Antioxidants*
  • Supports Healthy Immune Function*
  • Vegan Ingredients
  • All-Natural Anti-Inflammatory*

Green Tea Plus Moringa promotes energy & vitality, hormonal balance, immune function, and inflammation reduction in women of any age. The flavonoids and catechins from both green tea extract & green tea powder act as powerful antioxidants, complementing the anti-inflammatory, hormone-balancing effects of Moringa to provide women with comprehensive relief.*

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It’s What’s Inside That Counts
Natural and Premium Quality

Get all of the benefits of green tea from a concentrated combination of green tea leaf powder & extract. They’re packed with polyphenols and catechins like EGCG that act as powerful antioxidants.*

Moringa oleifera is a nutrient-dense herb whose leaves are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Taking moringa may help lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol while reducing inflammation.*

A combination of Green Tea Leaf Extract, Green Tea Leaf Powder, and Moringa Leaf Powder contained in an easy-to-swallow, plant-based, vegan capsule. That’s it; no allergens, sugar, or extraneous ingredients.*

Powerful Antioxidant Properties to Fight Free Radicals*
Free Radicals can wreak havok on a healthy body, causing premature aging or even chronic illness. Antioxidants, such as those present many plants, help fight against Free Radicals and prevent them from causing harm. Green Tea and Moringa both contain a wide range of potent antioxidants from polyphenols, including flavonoids like Quercetin and catechins like EGCG, which all fight Free Radicals and help to keep your body healthy, prolonging youthfulness and protecting against illness.*

A Boost Of All-Natural Energy*
Enjoy a subtle increase in energy and alertness while nourishing your body with powerful antioxidants that help your body fight premature aging and illness. Each capsule of Green Tea Vitality Formula contains naturally-occuring caffeine from green tea, providing about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. With each dose being the equivalent to drinking 3 cups of green tea, it’s an easy way to get all of the benefits of green tea (plus moringa!) without having to drink green tea all day long.*

Fight Inflammation & Balance Blood Sugar*
Inflammation is the body’s natural way of responding to illness or injury. It’s a necessary defensive mechanism, but if it persists for a long time, it could become a big health concern. Sustained inflammation is a common cause of joint discomfort and has been linked to a variety of chronic illnesses, including heart disease and cancer. Moringa oleifera has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and to help lower blood sugar levels. This is though to be due to anti-inflammatory compounds called isothiocyanates, which help lower blood sugar as well. An antioxidant in Moringa called “chlorogenic acid” also may help lower blood sugar after a meal.*

What they say about us…


“I first started using Greens First when I was introduced to it while working at a Local Chiropractors Office. I start each morning out with my Original greens and chocolate boost!! Thank you for giving me healthy options!!”

Amanda Forne


“Thought you and your colleagues would enjoy this picture of my grandson Gabriel. He is 3 and has been drinking Greens First since he was 10 months old. All the best,”

Charles K. Bens Dr.