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Understanding The Biochemical Link To Inflammation

You’re probably familiar with the concept of inflammation. After all, you see it any time you’re injured, or even just from a simple mosquito bite. But not all inflammation is as readily visible as a swollen ankle or a raised bump from a bug bite. In fact, there can be significant inflammation going on in your body that is all under the surface.

This is a different type of inflammation, one not caused by tissue injury. It’s call biochemical inflammation and cellular acidosis, and it’s caused by our exposure to elements in our environment. In some of us, it can even be caused by the food we eat.

How Does Biochemical Inflammation Happen?

Basically, toxic chemicals from our environment become stored within our fat cells. These man-made toxins — called “obesogens”— are present in what we eat, drink, and breathe, and when they enter our bodies, they are stored in our fat cells. Obesogens are found in our diet, in prescription meds, and in the environment. Some common foods containing obesogens are cola drinks (kick that soda to the curb!), fast food, and processed sugars.

The toxins within the fat cells trigger cellular acidosis, i.e., an acid imbalance that makes the cellular environment more acidic than it should be. Cellular acidosis disrupts endocrine function and triggers production of inflammatory peptides and hormones, i.e., an inflammatory response. This biochemical response to acidosis is the same as that experienced in response to injury, but without the physical trauma.

So what does this mean to your body? This inflammation and pain can affect the neck, lower back, discs, shoulders, knees, and Achilles tendon, and can exacerbate fibromyalgia. The results are chronic stiffness, pain, and fatigue. Does that sound familiar? We’ll bet it does.

That means it’s time to get your body into a less acidic state. We can help: our DeAcidify Kit can help set you on the path to wellness!

How Does The Deacidify Kit Work?

Did you do an experiment at home or school where you mixed vinegar and baking soda? The chemical reaction between the two — one an acid, and one a base — was great fun to watch. But what you might not remember is that once the reaction has passed, the acid has been transformed into a combination of a neutral salt, water, and carbon dioxide.

This is just how The DeAcidify Kit works. It gets rid of toxic acid wastes inside your body by converting the acids into a neutral salt. That means what was once causing internal inflammation is now a neutralized compound that can safely be returned to the bloodstream. It’s then eliminated through the kidneys (yes, you pee it out). It’s a great tool to use for your personal wellness!

What’s In The DeAcidify Kit?

It starts with our Greens First PRO. This is a unique nutrient blend including phytonutrient-rich super food that you would get naturally from fifteen servings of fruit and veggies (wow!). It helps feed your body while it also reduces inflammation and alkalizes the body. It quenches all five free radicals and raises pH while shaking loose acids lodged in deep tissues and organs.

It also contains our Acid Neutralizer PRO. This powerful combination of 18 alkaline minerals is specially designed to neutralize acids all the way down to the cellular level. It then converts the acidic toxins into neutral salts that are harmlessly eliminated by your body. We’ve chosen to use the most effective types of alkaline minerals, as well as created the ideal delivery form. This helps your body fight off the incessant onslaught of acid your body endures daily.

Best of all? This can lead to reducing or eliminating the inflammatory response in your body. That means less joint pain and stiffness, decreased fatigue, and increased energy and mobility — and we can all use that!