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Part of Your Daily Routine
Take 1 capsule daily for comprehensive microbiome support designed with women’s unique needs in mind.

Women’s Health Probiotic

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30 servings

  • Support Digestive Health*
  • 20 Billion CFU*
  • Formulated For Women*
  • Unique Delivery System*

Our Women's Health Probiotic is a comprehensive, shelf-stable probiotic supplement that contains a diverse range of microorganisms selected for their role in supporting women's reproductive, vaginal, and urinary health, as well as overall wellbeing. This probiotic is even more effective at creating new colonies of desirable bacteria to overtake any pathogenic microbes in your gut thanks to its 20 billion CFU of beneficial bacteria, soluble prebiotic fiber, and our unique MAKTrek™ Delivery System, which allows as many live probiotic cells to survive digestion as possible.*

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It’s What’s Inside That Counts
Natural and Premium Quality

There are gender-specific variations in the composition of the gut microbiome, which may play a role in the differences between the prevalence of certain metabolic and inflammatory diseases in men and women. We created a comprehensive, shelf-stable probiotic supplement with a variety of bacteria that were specifically chosen for their role in improving women’s health, like L. reuteri, L. acidophilus, and L. rhamnosus, all of which may support vaginal and urinary health. L. reuteri has antimicrobial properties that can limit pathogens to maintain a more desirable microbiome composition. It also benefits the immune system by reducing the production of inflammatory cytokines and supporting T-Cell development and function. That means better protection from disease as well as support for reproductive health.*

Includes 100mg of soluble inulin fiber to ensure that the desirable strains of bacteria are provided with food to fuel the growth of their new colonies.*

Our Women’s Health Probiotic is not derived from any animal-based products, making this source of probiotic bacteria and prebiotic fiber totally vegan.*

20 Billion Colony Forming Units*
Many other probiotics don’t provide enough bacteria to actually take hold in the gut, plus they will degrade during digestion and limit their numbers even further. Our Women’s Health Probiotic solves this with a large 20 Billion CFU serving protected by MAKTrek™ technology that ensures live probiotic cells are protected from stomach acid and other dangers on their way to the intestines.*

Supports The Gut Microbiome & Digestive Health*
A healthy gut microbiome and proper digestion are key to overall health and wellbeing, with deficiencies in gut health being linked to increased inflammation and disease risk. Our Women’s Health Probiotic supports healthy digestion and actively promotes gut health with high-quality probiotic bacteria strains that were each chosen for their positive effect on the wellbeing of women. It contains inulin fiber as well, a prebiotic soluble fiber which lowers blood sugar and helps your microbiome thrive by feeding the “good” probiotic bacteria while also slowing digestion to promote healthy bowel movements and support digestive health.*

Shelf-Stable With MAKTrek™ 3-D Delivery System*
Greens First Female’s Women’s Health Probiotic includes the patent pending MAKTrek™ 3-D delivery system. This advanced system helps to ensure that the beneficial probiotic bacteria have better survival by providing two-step acid protection, in-transit buffering, and additional safeguards that ensure they make it safely to the site of their new colonies in the small intestine with as many bacterium still alive as possible.*

What they say about us…


“I first started using Greens First when I was introduced to it while working at a Local Chiropractors Office. I start each morning out with my Original greens and chocolate boost!! Thank you for giving me healthy options!!”

Amanda Forne


“Thought you and your colleagues would enjoy this picture of my grandson Gabriel. He is 3 and has been drinking Greens First since he was 10 months old. All the best,”

Charles K. Bens Dr.