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Conduct Your Test A Couple Of Mornings Per Week

  • Test first thing in the morning, 2-3 times a week. It’s best to keep your testing time consistent for accurate day-to-day results.
  • Saliva Testing – Before brushing teeth, get a clean sample by bringing up saliva 2 times and spitting down the sink before testing the 3rd saliva. Spit into a spoon or small cup and insert the pH Test Strip in the saliva.
  • Wait a short time until color develops. Compare your color to the included color chart for accurate reading.
  • If saliva or urine is below 7.2 pH, treat with 1 Greens First Wellness Shake & Alkalize Now Lifestyle Program with Book
  • If saliva or urine is below 7.0 pH, treat with 2 Greens First Wellness Shakes & 1-2 pH Alkalizer PM Scoops, plus Alkalize Now Lifestyle Program with Book

pH Test Strips

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15 test strips

  • Test Your pH Levels
  • Sensitive & Accurate*
  • Quick, Easy & Painless
  • Tests Saliva Or Urine

Our pH Test Strips use unique colors to represent your body's pH, with the colors aligned for easy matching. The pH Test Strips are flexible and easy to handle, with quick results. Includes 15 strips and a color match chart in one convenient bundle.

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Provide Relief From Acidosis*
Your pH balance affects all aspects of your vitality and overall well-being. The typical modern diet promotes acidity, while an eating plan with more nutrient-rich plant foods reduces body acidity. Mild acidosis can cause such problems as: cardiovascular damage (including the constriction of blood vessels and the reduction of oxygen); weight gain, obesity, and diabetes; bladder and kidney conditions (including kidney stones); immune deficiency; acceleration of free radical damage (possibly contributing to cancerous mutations); premature aging; osteoporosis, weak & brittle bones, hip fractures, and bone spurs; joint pain; aching muscles and lactic acid buildup; low energy and chronic fatigue.*

Personalize Your Treatment*
Knowing your body’s pH makes it easier to know what level of treatment to seek. If your pH is only mildly low, adding a single daily serving of Greens First Phytonutrient Powder may be enough to get your pH back into the optimal range. If your pH reading is under 7.0, a more aggressive treatment plan may be necessary, with multiple servings of Greens First’s Phytonutrient Powder AND nighttime pH Alkalizer, as well as some lifestyle changes like removing certain foods from your diet and increasing physical activity.*

Easily And Accurately Test pH Levels At Home*
You are used to getting tested for things like blood pressure and cholesterol, but your body’s pH is a vital metric to know as well. Now you can easily and accurately test the pH levels of your body, and you can conduct that simple test in the comfort of your own home. This pH test indicates the general state of your body’s health by telling you how acidic or alkaline your tissues and fluids are. This acid/alkaline balance affects all aspects of your vitality and overall well-being.*

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