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Take Once Daily With Food
Take 1 capsule with a meal one or more times per day to support a healthy immune system as well as brain, heart, and joint health. Greens First Omega-3 850mg is fortified with EPA and DHA fatty acids to support reduced inflammation and overall wellness.*

Omega-3 First

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120 servings

  • Support Immune Health*
  • Brain, Heart & Joint Health*
  • Ultra-Pure Marine Oil
  • Pure, Potent EPA/DHA*

Greens First Omega-3 850mg contains EPA and DHA fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation and promote general health. It may help support brain, heart, and joint health, as well as a strong immune system. Our Omega-3 oil is ultra-purified to remove any mercury, heavy metals, or other environmental toxins, and also refined for maximal EPA & DHA content, resulting in a gentle lemon fragrance rather than a fishy smell or taste.*

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It’s What’s Inside That Counts
Natural and Premium Quality

Most fish oils have contaminants or environmental pollutants passed on from the fish they were derived from. To ensure this doesn’t happen, Omega-3 850mg undergoes a unique and extensive purification process that removes mercury, heavy metals, environmental pollutants, pesticides and oxidative impurities. While removing impurities such as lead and PCB’s, we also selectively concentrate EPA/DHA with our PureMax™ Concentrated Purity System to provide the most potent source of biologically active Omega-3 lipids.*

Most Omega-3 studies combine DHA and EPA rather than testing them separately, and the results demonstrate that the two can have a lot of beneficial effects on the body. They have the potential to reduce the risk of heart disease, protect the brain, and maintain a healthy immune system. They may also help balance cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, and enhance muscle recovery after exercise, among other benefits.*

Omega-3 First is derived from pelagic fish which are harvested from the cold, pristine waters of Norway, providing the purest, most potent form of Omega-3 EPA/DHA healthy oil available, with a light lemony flavor rather than tasting or smelling fishy.*

Support Healthy Immune Function*
Getting enough Omega-3s can help ensure a properly functioning immune system. They can reduce your risk of developing autoimmune diseases where your immune system mistakes healthy cells for foreign cells and starts attacking them. Omega-3 Fatty Acids have been shown to lower the body’s production of inflammatory cytokines, which are associated with an autoimmune response.*

Help Keep Your Brain Youthful & Strong*
DHA is the most abundant omega-3 fatty acid in the brain, and lower levels are associated with mental decline, a symptom of various types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. DHA & EPA help to maintain healthy circulation and may even help to decrease blood pressure, which can support brain function as well. Getting enough DHA & EPA has also been linked to a lower incidence of depression.*

Reduce Chronic Inflammation In The Body*
Increasing your DHA & EPA intake can help to offset the high levels of inflammatory omega-6 fats associated with Western diets, which are high in soybean and corn oil. Muscle inflammation and pain can be caused by vigorous exercise as well; DHA & EPA may help to reduce muscle pain and soreness as well as difficulties with range of motion due to a difficult workout. These anti-inflammatory characteristics may also help you avoid age-related chronic diseases like heart disease and gum disease, as well as autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, which causes joint discomfort.*

What they say about us…


“My chiropractor introduced me to Greens First. I am not always good about getting all my veggies daily diet and drinking Greens helps to replace what my diet may be lacking. I have tried a few other green drinks, but none taste as good as Greens First!”

Kathy Uffelman