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This e-mail is to Mr. Ryan M. Benson and all the great folks at GreensFirst.I am currently stationed in Afghanistan and the chow here, to say the least, leaves a lot to be desired both in taste and nutrition.My job requires that I stay in top physical shape so you can imagine how important nutrition is to me. When I got on the ground here and was assigned to my team, a couple of the senior guys introduced me to your products. I ordered GreensFirst and dream protein right away. To say I am satisfied is clearly an understatement, let’s just say I am a customer for life!!During the holidays I was stuck here, away from my wife and children. I had placed an order for more GreensFirst and dream protein. When the order arrived, just after Christmas, I found a letter inside the box telling me that you were not charging me for my order and thanking me for the service to my country. I was overwhelmed and your timing for this gift was awesome. I can’t say thank you enough and this meant a lot to me.I will pass this forward the best way I know how and that will be by way of promoting your company and your awesome products.I have a question for you. In my last order you put a lot of sample packets of GreensFirst, Dream Protein and boost (I am now hooked on the Boost) in the box. These sample packets fit in our go-bags so we have GreensFirst, Dream Protein, and boost in the field with us. Do you have these packets available for sale?Thank you so much again!!!

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