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Wellness Watchers Global Introduces Greens First Female ConceEVE ™ Fertility Formula For Reproductive Support as Latest Addition to Greens First Female Product Line

Boca Raton FL., June 8, 2017– Wellness Watchers Global LLC, the makers and distributors of Greens First®, announced the launch of a new product specifically tailored to meet the unique nutritional needs of women who struggle with infertility with the official release of its newest product, ConceEVE to their Greens First Female® product line.

Margie Adelman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Wellness Watchers Global, explains the benefits of this novel nutritional formula with clinically-validated ingredients designed to support the millions of women who are experiencing a difficult time getting pregnant due to hormonal-related infertility or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Green’s First Female ConceEVE is predicated on addressing nutritional support for women who may have trouble conceiving due to PCOS or other hormonal imbalances,” says Adelman. “The premium quality natural ingredients in this specilialized formula have been clinically-proven to  assist women with issues related to infertility and reproductive health.”

Developed and endorsed by leading OB/GYN’s, Greens First Female ConceEVE is designed to provide effective natural options for the treatment of a poorly understood yet common hormonal endocrine disorder that affects the health and well-being of women worldwide. Five to 10 percent of women of childbearing age are affected by PCOS and it is stimated that less than half who suffer have been properly diagnosed. PCOS is responsible for over 70% of infertililty issues. In addition to PCOS, other causes of female infertility such as menstrual irregularities,quality of eggs released and unpredictable ovulation patterns can be improved by the reproductive support Greens First Female ConceEVE provides.

Greens First Female ConceEVE helps regulate specific biological processes with clinically-proven active ingredients such as Natural Folate, Myo-Inositol, L-Arginine, Vitex, D-chiro Inositol and Chasteberry. These ingredients have been shown to help achieve and maintain a healthy hormonal balance, reduce testosterone, increase levels of progesterone, promote insulin utilization, help regulate menstrual cycles, optimize egg production, trigger ovulation and more.

 “Along with the tried and true success of our parent product, Greens First®, Greens First Female ConceEVE will bring to the health market a much-needed and affordable option or adjunct to traditional infertility remedies now available,” said Adelman. “Female patients are searching for natural solutions to address their specific and unique health concerns and Greens First Female is qualified and ready to provide this – with a breakthrough portfolio of products tailored just for them.”

The complete line of Greens First Female includes:

  • GFF Original Mint
  • GFF ConceEve
  • GFF Pre-natal
  • GFF Menopause
  • GFF Green Tea Vitality enhanced with Moringa
  • GFF Women’s Health Probiotic 

Greens First Female is designed to provide a whole food, nutrition-based approach to women’s health. It helps women take control of their health to a higher degree than ever before. It enables them to take a holistic approach to their specialized reproductive health needs and addresses wellness with a more natural approach than previously accepted protocols.

The Greens First Female product line is sold only through approved and licensed health care providers. To find a provider near you visit or

Company Contact:
Margie Adelman
SVP of Sales and Marketing
866.410.1818 ext.216
561.302.8198 mobile
[email protected]