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Eating Too Frequently May Contribute to Musculoskeletal Disorders!

Most patients eat several times a day with the largest meal at night. This is a recipe for disaster increasing fat, chronic inflammation, metabolic dysfunction and musculoskeletal pain.

A Simple Technique to Reduce Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain!
Intermittent fasting is a highly effective way to teach patients to shed excess body fat, reduce chronic inflammation, improve insulin and leptin sensitivity and force their body to become more effective at burning fat for fuel long-term.

Also, by instructing patients to not eat at least 4 hours before going to sleep in the evening, they will avoid using that late night food to generate excess free radicals that damage their tissues, accelerate aging, and radically increase their risk for chronic disease.

Intermittent Fasting Is As Good As Long-Term Calorie Restriction
Calorie restriction has been one of the very few interventions that has been consistently shown to promote longevity. But living life on the brink of starvation is just too tough for most people. A recent study showed that temporary starving yourself a few hours a day effectively mimics continuous calorie restrictive diets, and provides many of the same health benefits.

How Long Should Patients Continue Intermittent Fasting?
While many patients may end up sticking to intermittent fasting long-term once they get used to it, they don’t have to continue on it forever.

If you feel they need to lose 25 pounds, you’re looking at about three to four months or so of intermittent fasting, after which they can revert back to eating more regularly. Be sure to monitor their Body Cell Mass, using the BioScan 3000 Metabolic Health Analyzer every 2-4 weeks to make sure they are losing body fat and not body cell mass.

I strongly recommend paying careful attention to their saliva pH and their food choices. When you make lifestyle modifications by using my book, Lifestyle is the best Medicine, have them focus on Lifestyle Principle number (1) Alkalize Now, and Lifestyle Principle number (2), Healthy Eating.

Since body fat is stored acid, if your patient is fat, they are also acidic! With Lifestyle Principle number (1), Alkalize Now, your patient will be directed to take two whole-body alkaline supplements, Greens First PRO and pH Alkalizer PM PRO. The goal of these two alkaline supplements is to provide broad-based alkaline nutritional support that focuses on helping the body maintain homeostasis, as well as provide support for a healthy inflammatory response in the midst of any type of health challenge.

With Lifestyle Principle number (2), Healthy Eating, I believe it’s best to have your patient eat real food, ideally organic. Also make sure they consume healthy fats in the form of avocados, organic grass-fed butter, pastured eggs and coconut oil. They can eat moderate amounts of high-quality protein from organically raised, grass-fed animals. In addition, they can eat an unlimited amount of fresh organic vegetables.

The Benefits of Lifestyle Modification for Your Patients
The rationale for conducting a Lifestyle Medicine Screening and recommending one of the five personalized Lifestyle Medicine Action Plans listed in Lifestyle is the best Medicine book, has to do with overall wellness. Combining regular chiropractic care with personalized lifestyle modification is the best solution for a long and healthy life.