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Common Foods That Contribute to the Acidity of the Body

In the last hundred years, the ocean has become a tenth of a point more acidic thanks to industrialization (from 8.2 to 8.1). This tiny change has had devastating consequences for ocean life.


The same can be true for the human body. While our ideal pH level is 7.4, all kinds of environmental factors can impact our pH—to our detriment. Acidosis, or poor pH balance, lies at the root of many commonly experienced conditions—most notably inflammation (including joint pain), depressed immunity, weight gain, and increased sensitivity to allergens.


The biggest contributing factor is simple: it’s what we eat. Many of the foods we eat on a regular basis—such as pasteurized dairy products, meats, transfats, heated oils, baked goods, refined sugars, coffee and carbonated drinks are acid-forming.


So what foods should you consider eliminating from your diet to improve your pH? Here’s a list.


1. Animal-based Proteins such as red meat, chicken, and fish.


2. Rice and Other Grains such as cornmeal, oats, rye, spelt, wheat, bran. This includes things made from these ingredients, such as pasta and bread.


3. Unsprouted Beans. This includes pinto, navy, mung, lentil, black, garbanzo, red, white, adzuki, and broad beans.


4. Cheese. Worst offenders are parmesan and the sharper cheeses.


5. Most Nuts, and Sunflower Seeds. Includes peanuts, pecans, cashews, and pistachios. Pumpkin seeds and Almonds are an exception.


6. Coffee, Colas, and Caffeinated Drinks. Energy drinks in particular are highly acidic.


7. Alcohol in Any Form. Includes hard liquor and beer.


8. Most Sweeteners. This includes artificial sweeteners, cane sugar, beet sugar, barley syrup, processed honey, maple syrup, molasses, fructose, lactose. Exception is Stevia.


9. Refined Table Salt. Mineral salts are a much better choice. Himalayan Salt is actually very alkalizing.


10. Condiments. Including mustard, ketchup, and mayo (unless they’re homemade). Most condiments are loaded with sugar.


Good Substitutes


Fortunately, there are some healthy substitutes for acidifying foods. Try these instead.


• Coconut milk can provide a good alkalizing substitute for dairy milk.

• Stevia instead of sugar.

• Spiralized zucchini instead of wheat-based pasta.

• Pumpkin seeds instead of peanuts.

• Green tea as a substitute for coffee.

Himalayan salt instead of iodized salt



It’s not always easy to eat right. Planning and preparing nutritious meals from fresh ingredients takes time. In our over scheduled lives, nutrition often takes a backseat to convenience. As a result, acid-promoting foods find their way into our diets (and our bodies) with increasing frequency. Another way to help your body to maintain a healthy pH balance is by using Greens First products! Our passion is to produce the highest quality and healthiest all-natural products to help you alkalize your body. Here’s how you can learn more.