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Clinical Insights – Mom Knows Best-Eat Your Breakfast, Fruits And Vegetables…and Research Proves

Scientists and leading health care providers have recognized since the early 1930’s that in order for the body to remain vital, energetic and healthy the general pH of the human system must remain alkaline.  Published research supports this fact. A quick web search of published citations on acid-base balance on the National Institutes of Health Pub Med website shows over 900 published articles on this topic alone!

The body continually strives on a daily basis to maintain an alkaline environment and when the balance is compromised many health problems occur. Now more than ever…the current Standard American Diet (SAD) is primarily composed of acidic or acidifying foods which promote acidification of the body’s internal environment. Furthermore, the consumption of stimulants like tobacco, coffee, tea, alcohol and fast food (all of which have an extremely acidifying effect on the body) has grown to enormous proportions. Stress, nervous tension, noise, shortage of time, lack of exercise and other pressures are part of life today that contribute to the body’s acidification.

It’s difficult for us to eat alkaline meals everyday. That’s why we created the delicious Greens First products, to help you stay healthy, active and energetic.

The Greens First Healthy Living Shake One of our delicious and nutritious shakes is the Healthy Living Shake.  It’s a combination of 3 products: Greens First, Dream Protein and Omega-3 First together as a complete meal replacement. Dream Protein is made from “hormone-free” whey and contains Stevia, a very alkaline calorie free herb that provides the delicious flavor without raising insulin levels. Whey protein is rich in alkaline minerals, particularly potassium and is well known for its cleansing qualities, stimulating renal, intestinal and liver elimination of body toxins and acids, not to mention helping to boost the immune system and burn body fat! When combined with an alkaline blend of fruits and vegetables like those in Greens First, Dream Protein is doubly useful as it encourages elimination of acids and helps to restore alkaline minerals to the body.   Omega-3 First is the most potent, ultra-pure Omega-3 oil.


The Greens First products can help you close the gap between what you eat and what you know you should eat…DELICIOUSLY!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.
**These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Dr. Donald Hayes, D.C.