What is
Greens First Boost®?

Two cans of Greens First

Give Yourself A Nutritional Boost!

Greens First Boost is a delicious, fast and easy to mix nutritional shake. The pure and wholesome blend nourishes, supports & balances your body with a natural source of non-GMO brown rice & vegetable pea protein, super greens, healthy essential fatty acids, antioxidants, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals.*

Use it separately or, even better, mix it together with Greens First as a "boost" to create the Wellness Shake.


  • Boost Energy & Metabolism
  • Calm Food Cravings
  • Promote Overall Wellness
  • Get A Boost of Health Nutrition

Greens First Boost helps support balanced nutrition with all 3 Food Groups.

Low Calorie, Low Fat, Low Carbohydrate High on Great Taste!

Balanced NutritionAll 3 Food GroupsEasy & Delicious!

Available in 2 Delicious Flavors:

French Vanilla

French Vanilla

Dutch Chocolate

Dutch Chocolate

Greens First Boost is your healthy and fast "super-food" that mixes into a delicious shake which provides all 3 Food Groups (vegetarian/vegan protein, good carbohydrates & healthy oils) that your body needs every day. This unique formula helps support overall wellness..

- Plant Based, Non-GMO Brown rice & Vegetable Pea Protein
- Healthy Essential Fatty Acids
- Antioxidants
- Prebiotics
- Vitamins and Minerals*

On a daily basis, either taken alone, mixed with Greens First (Original or Berry) to make the Wellness Shake or mixed into a healthy home-made smoothie, Greens First Boost provides your body with plan Plant Based, Non-GMO Brown Rice & Vegetable Pea Protein, Healthy Essential Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, Prebiotics and Vitamins and Minerals.

The formula in Greens First Boost is specifically made without common allergens. The premium formulas is pure goodness!

Greens First Boost is made without dairy, gluten, soy, wheat or added sugar. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives in the formula. This nutrient-dense, low calorie, alkaline formula provides superior natural health benefits for you and your busy family.

It's easy, delicious and nutritious!

VeganGluten FreeNon-GMO

The importance of protein in a healthy diet is well known and widely understood, however the amount one needs to stay healthy is not. Research has shown that we don't need as much protein as previously thought. The recommended amount of protein for adults has decreased by more than 50% in the last 20 years.

Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2008 shows that the amount of protein adults need is based on weight not age.

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for protein is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight which translates to about 54 grams a day for a 150 pound adult.

The U.S. Surgeon General's Report on Nutrition and Health in 1988 states: "The average man in the U.S. eats 175% more protein than the RDA's and the average woman eats 144% more." Chronic inflammatory conditions exist in millions of Americans who eat too much dietary animal protein.

"We now know that eating a low-fat, low protein diet high in complex carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables will help to improve wellness and assist in healthy weight loss. Plant protein is linked to lower blood cholesterol, lower rates of breast cancer, lower risk of cancers of the digestive tract and, along with an active lifestyle, result in a healthy weight."

The China Study; T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry; Cornell University

Greens First Boost uses only the healthiest form of protein for your body. Our source is 100% non-GMO Brown Rice & Vegetable Pea Protein.

These are safe, pure and easily digestible forms of protein that are readily absorbed by the body

Welcome To The World Of Whole Food, Plant Based Nutrition

Our guiding principles when we create our premium nutritional products is all about an alkaline, whole food plant based diet. With the busy lifestyle most people lead today, our approach to healthy eating has been complicated and our overall health may be compromised.

Obesity and malnourishment can now both be a problem together in your body. Eating the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) of calorie-rich and nutrient deficient foods just compound the problem and lead to low energy and more. The short term solutions of treating obesity with drugs or fad diets and trying to gain energy with sugar, refined carbohydrates and caffeine generally lead to more energy depletion, more stress and over-stimulation which often leads to more illness, premature aging and chronic disease. What can we do? Research and health experts alike believe that a viable solution is to consume mostly plant-based, whole foods the way natured intended it to be…simple and pure without added chemicals or preservatives. That’s where the Greens First family of products come in!

When you provide your body with the nourishment that it needs every day, energy can increase, cravings can cease and the feeling of well-being can occur.* Eating nutrient-dense, whole foods is the natural way to reduce calories leading to healthier weight management.

Greens First Boost is low in calories, but full of nutrients! It's easily assimilated for efficient digestion which can give you an energy boost when you need it most.

Greens First Boost Ingredients

A delicious, fast and easy to mix nutritional shake! Hint: Mix it together with Greens First or Greens First Berry as a “boost” to create the Wellness Shake!

Vegetable Protein Blend

5.7 mg

Non GMO Vegetarian/Vegan Blend of Vegetable

Pea Protein Concentrate and Brown Rice Protein

Complex Carbohydrate
(Super Greens Blend)

40 mg

Organic Cabbage Leaf

Organic Cauliflower

Organic Spirulina


Mustard Seed

Nettle Leaf

Alfalfa Leaf

Bitter Melon Fruit Extract

Broccoli Powder

Bruselles Sprout Leaf

Healthy Oil
(Essential Fatty Acid Blend)

1560 mg

Contains Omega 3,6 Fatty Acid

Olive Oil Powder

Safflower Oil Powder

Flaxseed Oil Powder

Digestion Blend

25 mg

Olive Leaf Extract

Grape Leaf Extract

Pomegranate Fruit Extract

Anti-Oxidant & Energy Blend

50 mg

Organic Strawberry Fruit Powder

Organic Raspberry Fruit Powder

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Cinnamon Twig Extract

Licorice Root Extract

Polygonium Caspidatium(Reseveratrol)


Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Apple Pectin

Banana Fruit Powder

Cayenne Fruit

Chamomile Flower

Citrus Pectin

Ginko Leaf Extract

Jujube Fruit

Rhodiola Root Extract

Asian Ginseng Root and Peppermint Leaf

Additional ingredients:

Vanilla & Natural Flavors



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Greens First Boost Is Good For The Whole Family:

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