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In October 2005 I was diagnosed with a rare cancer called G.I.S.T. and due to complication from removing the tumor I lost my stomach and struggled for a year and half until one day my wellness center offered me Green’s First to help me out. I was losing weight and could not keep down food and my nutrient levels were poor. I started taken Greens First and within a week I was eating better and feeling better too. If it was not for Green’s First I would of been ill all the time and not able to have strength to fight my cancer which is not curable at this time. I tell everyone how green first has saved my life…Thank you and even though I have a hard time buying it, I make sure I save enough money to purchase because with out it I would not be doing as well with my nutrients and staying well.

Tempest Sanborn
D.C. , USA
Nov 14, 2015

I have low blood pressure and can’t eat wheat. I’ve been lecturing around the world for 33 years and last year I found a product that has been life altering for me, it’s the Greens First.First , it helps me get out of bed in the morning, second, it gives me all the nutrients I need to be able to launch into a successful day, and third it balances me, stabilizes me, gives me the energy to go to the gym to work out and then sit down and be so highly productive and it tastes fabulous! I’m so grateful that I’ve found these products that I tell everybody I know about it!

Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott
Oct 20, 2014

Hi I’m Dr. Tom Bilella the founder and director of the Nutrition Treatment Center in Red Bank, NJ. I have a Masters degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and a doctorate in Chiropractic. I’ve also attained titles as a Certified Nutritional Specialist, Certified Clinical Nutritionist and am a Diplomat of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition.I’ve been the personal consultant to numerous professional athletes and offer an in-depth post-graduate nutritional training program for health providers that want to get more involved in my practice and post-graduate training I always recommend the use the Greens First Wellness Shake and the products in the Alkalize Now Program.Dr. Donald Hayes the creator of the Greens First Shake has been an instructor and mentor of mine for many years. I’ve never used a set of nutritional products that do more good for patient’s overall health than the Greens First Wellness Shake. Products. If you haven’t gotten involved yet, like the ad says…Just Do It! You’ll be glad you did!

Tom Bilella
Oct 20, 2014

I met Dr. Don Hayes at a chiropractic convention where he was offering the Greens First Wellness Shake and when I first looked at it, it made sense to me right away. After owning a nutrition company for over 5 years and realizing that offering hundreds of products wasn’t what most doctors wanted to do, I was looking for a simple way to offer one nutritional product that would cover most of my patients’ needs. Greens First Wellness Shakes do it all by simply replacing breakfast every day. It’s been simple, it’s been easy, it only takes about 60 short seconds to get it communicated to patients and, because it uses a systematic approach, it’s all you’ll need to offer nutrition in your practice.

Rob Jackson
President, Back Talk Systems
D.C. , USA
Oct 20, 2014

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to say a few things about the Greens First Wellness Shake and Dr. Donald Hayes the developer of the product. I’ve had the opportunity to hear Dr. Hayes lecture a couple times at seminars across the country, in Tampa Florida and in San Francisco, California. He’s a fantastic speaker and he’s taught me a lot about nutrition. I’ve taken years of nutritional courses. I’ve studied under the best of the best in the nutritional world, instructors like Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil but the person that really put it all together for me was Dr. Hayes because he has a way communicating and breaking things down that really explains nutrition on a practical level.Dr. Hayes has had the biggest effect on how my family and I choose to eat and what we do nutrition wise. Why do I recommend my patients use the Greens First Wellness Shake for breakfast?When I compared the Greens First Shake to a typical fast-food breakfast sandwich, I found that the sandwich had five times more calories, ten times more carbs, fifteen times more fat, eighteen times more sodium, twenty-eight times more cholesterol and cost twice as much! If you haven’t tried the Greens First Healthy Wellness I highly recommend it. After all what have you got to lose except, calories, carbs, fat, sodium and cholesterol!

Dr. Craig Tuttle
Oct 20, 2014

Every morning, I have an alkalizing cocktail to start my day. My favorite kind, Greens First, actually tastes sweet and give me tons of energy.

Jeannette Graf
M.D. Former Professor Of Dermatology, New York University Medical Center
Oct 20, 2014

I would like to thank you for introducing me to your product. After being a very competitive track athlete for years and recently finishing an 8,000 mile bike tour, I can only say great things about the product. I have always been on the lookout for a supplement that could satisfy both my intense workload and also my focus on naturally derived, organic nutrition.My body was very depleted after finishing the bicycle tour (from Maine to Panama) and I have experienced a noticeable difference in my recovery, focus, energy levels, digestion and general well being since beginning to use Greens First.I have begun training for the Olympic trials in the marathon and the supplements have been a key piece to my build up back to competitive distance running. In an age when athletes are exposed to products composed of chemicals in which it is too early to know the true effects, I feel blessed to have found a naturally derived, organic supplement. Thank you so much for your support!

Levi Miller
All American Track Runner
Alabama, US
Jul 21, 2014

After Cycling across Canada, the United States and South America, I can say without hesitation that Greens First is fantastic. I took Greens First throughout the trip, and it boosted my energy levels, and aided in recovery after long rides. I highly recommend it!

Ryan Delamater
Cyclist, Ride 4 Water
Alabama, US
Feb 14, 2013