Rejuvenation Book

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A 3-Week Alkalizing, Joint Health & Detoxification Program

By Dr. Donald L. Hayes, D.C.

The Rejuvenation Book is a guide book for the Rejuvenation Program, a 3-Week Alkalizing, Joint Health & Detoxification Program. The book guides you through the program to help detoxify, deacidify and cleanse your body and joints of toxins and chemicals, while restoring alkalinity and replacing vital nutrients.

There are two options with the Rejuvenation Program. Option One is the Non-Vegetarian Program and Option Two is the Vegetarian Program. Both options have meal plans and recipes.

Also included in the book is the Rejuvenation Program Journal to document what you eat and drink, your daily exercise activities and how you feel. You can use this journal to help you record your entire rejuvenation journey.

Good luck to you! Here’s hoping you will continue your quest for health and happiness long after you've closed the last page of the Rejuvenation Book…

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