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Rice Fiber First


Cleanse, Detoxification and Healthy Weight Management Programs all recommand high fiber, low fat, low calorie meals. Rice Fiber FIRST™ Caplets contain nutritional fiber, significant quantities of gamma oryzanol and several other phytonutrients which can be part of an effective cleanse, detoxification or part of a nutritionally balanced diet focused on healthy weight management.

Bowel Regularity & Intestinal Health

The majority of dietary fiber products on the market are psyllium-based. Most of these products produce carbon dioxide and methane in the intestinal track, which can produce bloating, gas and discomfort! Rice Fiber FIRST™ Caplets are made with stabilized rice bran, which is a "friendly fiber", promoting regularity; alleviating occasional constipation while helping your body digest food more quickly and easily!

Helps To Promote:

  • Normal Glucose Levels
  • Healthy Weight Management
  • Normal Elimination and Regularity
  • Normal Cholesterol Levels
  • Normal Lipid Levels

Blood Sugar Levels
Rice Fiber FIRST™ Caplets help to support normal blood sugar levels because they assist the body in reducing the level of insulin required to process food.

Cholesterol Levels
The stabilized rice bran contained in Rice Fiber FIRST™ Caplets helps to promote normal cholesterol levels.

Rice FiberFIRST™ Contains Stabilized Rice Bran!

20 grams of stabilized rice bran a day, when given in two equal doses of 10 grams each before breakfast and before dinner for eight weeks to human subjects, has been shown to support normal glucose parameters. (Ref: Cheruvanky et al., U.S. Patent # 6, 126, 943, Oct. 3, 2002).

Stabilized Rice Bran has been clinically tested in humans. A total of 46 individuals were included in the study. They were provided Stabilized Rice Bran in two equally divided doses of 10 grams each, once taken before breakfast and another before dinner in milk/juice for a period of eight weeks. The results of this study suggest that Stabilized Rice Bran significantly helps to promote normal cholesterol levels. The results indicate that Stabilized Rice Bran is useful as part of a cholesterol health diet. (Ref: Cheruvanky et al., "Method for Treating Hypercholesterolemia, Hyperlipidemia, and Atherosclerosis," U.S. Patent No. 6,126,934, Oct. 2000).

Stabilized Rice Bran supports normal blood cholesterol by premature emptying of the gall bladder and trapping the bile salts, which thereby prevent re-absorption. It is believed that the high quality fiber in Stabilized Rice Bran, along with the major bioactive compounds such as tocopherols, tocotrienols, gamma oryzanol, phytosterols, and inositol present in the product, synergistically help in supporting a healthy cardiovascular system. By normalizing the cholesterol level, Stabilized Rice Bran enables the liver to keep cholesterol and other lipids under check and helps to support gallbladder health.

Stabilized Rice Bran is an excellent non-bloating fiber product that helps promote a healthy bowel. Stabilized Rice Bran contains proteins, antioxidants and phytonutrients, such as gamma oryzanol, inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) and phytosterols, which provide excellent nutrition to the gut and help to maintain a healthy and clean gut. It also contains a short chain sugar complex, known as fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which is not digestible in the gut but serves as food to the friendly bacteria, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus or L. sporogens to proliferate. Stabilized Rice Bran helps in fermenting the undigested food in the colon producing short chain fatty acids, such as butyric and propionic acids in the gut. Scientific data indicates that the short chain fatty acids play an important role in promoting a healthy colon

Other commercially available dietary fibers produce carbon dioxide and methane during colonic fermentation, resulting in abdominal distention, discomfort and gas. Stabilized Rice Bran in the diet promotes bowel regularity and helps alleviate occasional constipation. It provides bulk to the waste and decreases the colonic transit time by several fold, thereby, helping to promote colon health.

A diet rich in fiber also helps to promote a healthy gallbladder. This is due to its ability to promote normal cholesterol levels. Further more, researchers showed the effectiveness of a high rice bran dietary fiber intake in reducing renal calcium excretion. (A. Jahen et al., Dietary Fiber: The Effectiveness of a high bran Intake in Reducing Renal Calcium Excretion, Urol. Res. 1992, 20:3-6).

Stabilized Rice Bran is all natural, non-genetically engineered, chemical-free and manufactured using good manufacturing practices. Every batch is tested for quality and safety in the laboratory.


"What has been the world’s largest food resource has shown significant therapeutic value in treating cardiovascular conditions, arthritis, diabetes and any other illnesses." Betty Kamen, PhD

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