Greens First Wellness Shake

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Servings Per Container: 30

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Greens First Wellness Shake

Eating Right Just Got Easier!

The Greens First Wellness Shake consists of 2 products: Greens First (Original or Berry) and Greens First Boost (Chocolate or Vanilla) SAVE $9.00 When You Order The Product Together!

For Overall Wellness

The Greens First Wellness Shake is made by mixing Greens First (Original or Berry) together with either flavor of Greens First Boost (Vanilla or Chocolate). Greens First provides the organic fruits and vegetables and 49 superfoods, while Greens First Boost is a nutritional booster that provides all 3 Food Groups (vegetarian/vegan brown rice and vegetable pea protein, good carbohydrates & healthy oils) that your body needs to fuel up for the day. It’s the perfect nutritious and delicious “instant breakfast” or an anytime “energy booster”!

Breakfast…Your Most Important Meal

It’s not a myth. Eating breakfast is an important part of attaining and maintaining a healthy weight. The morning meal enables your body to refuel itself after enduring a nightlong fast of ten hours or more. The Greens First Wellness Shake assists in re-energizing your body’s metabolism and providing sufficient amounts of energy and nutrients for you to survive the earliest part of the day. By choosing not to eat breakfast, you may be putting your health in danger.

Many people trying to lose weight skip breakfast to save some calories. Big mistake! University of Colorado researchers found that people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight and have less energy. Eating breakfast particularly if it contains protein can hold off hunger for hours. Obesity Res. 10; 78-92; 2002

If your excuse for skipping breakfast is you don't have time, here’s your answer ! Drink the delicious Greens First Wellness Shake for a delicious, nutritious” instant breakfast” or anytime “energy booster”. Greens First Boost (Chocolate or Vanilla) provides all 3 Food Groups (vegetarian/vegan protein, good carbohydrates & healthy oils) while Greens First (Original or Berry) provides all the antioxidant & phytonutrient value of 15+ servings of fruits & veggies and 49 superfoods!.

The Greens First Wellness Shake is made in a minute and fuels your body right through the morning. It’s the ultimate fast food and so good for you!

Watch Your Health Improve As You Lose Weight! Consume 2 Wellness Shakes per day along with healthy snacks and one sensible whole food meal. Take the Wellness Shake first thing in the morning within 30 minutes upon arising by itself or with a light breakfast. Take the shake before consuming coffee. Have fresh fruit, veggies or unsalted nuts as a healthy snack at 10:00 AM. Have another Wellness Shake at noon by itself or with a light lunch. Consume a healthy snack at 3:00 PM Eat a low fat, healthy dinner at 6:00 PM. Try not to eat any other food after 6:00-7:00 PM. +

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