Greens First Acid Neutralizer PRO

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Acid Neutralizer contains trace minerals and helps neutralize excess acids & supports elimination of toxins.

Dietary induced acidosis is a buildup of too much acid in your body due to poor diet and lifestyle habits.

Eating high-sugar snacks, caffeinated beverages and processed foods can lead to a vicious cycle resulting

in an excess amount of acids stored in the cells and tissues of your body.

ACID NEUTRALIZER is a component of the DeAcidify Kit!

Greens First PRO Acid Neutralizer Contains a

CellulAcid Neutralizer


Cellular Acidosis is caused by the intake and buildup of toxic acid in your cells due to poor life style habits and exposure to toxic man-made chemicals called Obesogens. Sugary, fried and processed foods, caffeinated drinks, soda, pharmaceutical drugs, exposure to toxic man-made environmental pollutants and chemicals lead to a vicious cycle resulting in storage of fat soluble acid in the cells and tissues of your body. Most detox programs are not capable of converting fat soluble toxins into water soluble inert compounds that can easily be removed by the body.



Daily Acid Neutralizer has been specially formulated with a powerful blend of ionic trace minerals, which promote the neutralization and elimination of excess acids and toxins in the body tissues and fluids. * Acid Neutralizer is a simple, convenient way to regain your health and flush out acid waste that is making you sick, achy, tired and



• Contains a full spectrum blend of ionic trace minerals as an antidote to every type of acid and free radical*

• Helps to neutralize and eliminate excess acid throughout your body*

• Helps replenish alkaline mineral reserves*

• Contains the highest quality minerals for maximum absorption and utilization by the body*

• Pleasant mild lemon flavor, can be mixed with Greens First PRO for enhanced results*te.


Acid Neutralizer is a component of the DeAcidify Kit. Can be taken alone or combined with Greens First PRO for better, faster detox results.




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