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3 Great Products In 1
The Greens First Healthy Living Shake is made by mixing your favorite flavor of Greens First and your preferred Dream Protein together in 10-12 oz. of pure, cold water. Shake it up and drink it along with one serving of Omega-3 First or Ahiflower Oil softgels.

Healthy Living Kit

Appears in the Following Collections:

  • Greens, Protein, and Omegas
  • Vegan Options
  • Complete Nutrition
  • Save Money By Bundling

Combine our 3 best selling products together to make a delicious and satisfying meal replacement. Our Phytonutrient Powder provides vitamins and minerals from fruits & vegetables, plus probiotics and digestive enzymes that aid digestion. Dream Protein offers a comprehensive amino acid profile whether you choose our hormone-free whey or our vegan blend of pea, pumpkin, and brown rice proteins, with 20 or 14 grams of protein per scoop. Omega-3 First and Ahiflower Oil both offer the brain, join, and heart health benefits of a high-quality omega-3 oil, whether you prefer your source to be ultra-pure marine oil or a sustainably grown plant-based option.*
Available in multiple flavor combinations.

$102.27 or $92.04 / month