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Part of Your Daily Routine
Take 1 or more scoops daily in 4-6 oz of pure water as needed or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.

Greens First PRO Acid Neutralizer

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30 servings

  • Contains a complete ionic trace mineral blend
  • Helps to neutralize & eliminate excess acids*
  • Supports the elimination of toxins from the body*
  • Helps to replenish alkaline mineral reserves*
  • Promote Calcium absorption with Phosphorus & Vitamin D*

Cellular Acidosis is a build-up of too much acid in your body due to poor diet and lifestyle habits. Eating high-sugar snacks, caffeinated drinks, and processed foods can lead to a vicious daily cycle resulting in an excess amount of acids stored in the cells & tissues of your body. Our Acid Neutralizer has been specifically formulated with a powerful blend of Ionic Trace Minerals to promote the neutralization and elimination of excess acids & toxins in the body tissues and fluids.*
Available in Mild Lemon flavor.

$39.99 or $35.99 / month

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“My chiropractor introduced me to Greens First. I am not always good about getting all my veggies daily diet and drinking Greens helps to replace what my diet may be lacking. I have tried a few other green drinks, but none taste as good as Greens First!”

Kathy Uffelman