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Jump Start the Day With Our Own Greens First Morning Beverage

Mornings can be stressful with getting everyone out the door, coping with traffic, and trying to get where you need to go. All too often, that means we skimp on our morning fuel-up and don’t get a healthy start to our day. We usually drink coffee and grab a ‘convenient’ food for breakfast, or just skip it all together. It’s not a great way to start the day in the minus nutrition zone!

We’ve been there, and that’s why we’ve created our Greens First Morning Beverage recipe! It’s a combination of Greens First Berry and Greens First Boost (either Chocolate or Vanilla), and packs an amazing nutritional punch to get you started on your day. It’s delicious, and you’ll love how you feel!  Best part about it is, there is no blender clean up necessary. Simply put 6 to 8oz of cold water in our convenient snap top shaker cup and add one scoop of Greens First. Shake it up and guzzle it. You’re done! You’ve just now started your day with an abundance of fuel from nutrients that are highly absorbable by your body!  Good for you!

So, what’s in the Greens First Berry, and why is it great for you?

It contains a Vegetable Power Blend® (with carrot, beet, tomato, broccoli, and spinach powders plus lycopene and lutein), a Super Antiox Fruit Blend® (with raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, cherry, blackberry, pomegranate, blueberry, pear, apple, mango, and more), and of course, our Healthy Digest® Probiotic Blend (with Lactobacillus, Rhamnosis, Bifidobacterium). You can’t do better than that!

What’s in Greens First Boost?

Again, it’s jam-packed with nutrients! Our Greens First Boost has a multivitamin & mineral supplement that includes:

Vitamins: A, C, B complex, folic acid.

Minerals: zinc, chromium, magnesium, selenium, copper. It also contains non-GMO vegetable protein (pea and brown rice protein), and complex carbohydrate blend of super greens (cabbage, cauliflower, spirulina, mustard seed, nettle leaf, alfalfa leaf, bitter melon fruit extract, broccoli powder, brussels sprout leaf).

Not to mention the Healthy oils blend (safflower & flax seed oils), Flora  and enzyme support (inulin, guar gum, acacia, bromelain, lipase, protease), and of course the Antioxidant blend (powdered forms of strawberry, raspberry, green tea, cinnamon, and licorice, apple pectin, citrus pectin, and others).

Mix ‘Em Up

The combination of Greens First and Greens First Boost make a complete high quality vegan super food beverage  consumed as a morning shake,  smoothie, or even a pick me up mid-afternoon low carb, low calorie snack drink.   The Greens First Wellness Shake delivers a blend high in antioxidants and probiotics made with organic fruits and vegetables as a natural source of energy, providing broad spectrum  nutrition and digestive support. Plus, it’s yummy! You’ll love it.