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4 Reasons You Need To Alkalize Your Body

We’re only just beginning to understand the depth to which too much acidity in the body can cause harm, but we do know acidity can contribute to issues of pain, excess weight, and energy.

Our bodies have the capacity to detoxify acidity to a point, but most of us eat a far more acidic diet than we should. Sugar, meats, and food additives abound in food, and this can tax your body’s natural capacity to detox.

Excessive acid in your body depletes your body’s oxygen. That impacts every aspect of your body, flattening your energy levels and decreasing wellness. If this goes on for too long, excess acid gets stored in your joints, causing damage over time. Worst of all, it depletes alkaline mineral stores in the body, including calcium from bones and magnesium from muscles. Fortunately, it’s easy to alkalize the body with changes in diet. Here’s why you should do it.

  1. Cool the fire of acute and chronic inflammation

Inflammation plays a key role in many common health conditions, from arthritis and asthma to digestive problems and even certain cancers. As the body attempts to compensate, it stores toxins in fat cells. But this cannot go on indefinitely. As the cells fail and break open, the body dispatches white blood cells, called macrophages, to neutralize and remove the toxins.

Unfortunately, this very process can trigger the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, tumor necrosis factor-alpha TNF-alpha, interleukin 6 and C-reactive protein. These, in turn, hinder the burning of fat, leading to a vicious cycle. Alkalizing the body restores the homeostatic pH naturally and eases both acute and chronic inflammation.

  1. Increase resistance to disease

Given a healthy diet and regular exercise, the body regulates its own pH level, ideally between 7.35 and 7.45. But a sedentary lifestyle, combined with a poor diet, can lower pH, making the body overly acidic. Yeast, foreign bacteria, viruses, and even certain types of cancers, thrive in an acidic environment. Alkalizing the body is one way to create an inhospitable environment for these invaders.

  1. Reduce bone loss

Women in particular deal with bone loss after menopause, so having healthy bones when you’re younger is crucial. As the body tries to reduce the acidity caused by unhealthy eating, stress, and lack of exercise, it can tap into the mineral stores like the natural calcium in bones, resulting in bone loss. Alkalizing the body helps restore the body’s healthy pH balance and slows bone loss. A healthy diet and weight bearing exercise can help keep your bones healthy longer.

  1. Reduce fat storage

Another way the body tries to protect itself from acid is to buffer itself with fat. But excess fat comes with its own health risks –many of which are substantial, such as heart disease and diabetes. Alkalizing the body helps to reduce excess fat stores by maintaining the body’s natural pH balance, and helps you live longer by giving up that excess weight.

Alkalizing your body is a smart choice and will help you live a longer, pain-free, happier life. Nutritional experts recommend 80% of your diet be alkalizing food as a place to start.

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